Warsaw - About us

SOLIVAN PONTES is a Polish firm built on the best national and international models of law firms, developing and motivating a team of outstanding professionals to provide the highest quality of cross-sectoral service and maximise the benefits to our clients. 

In order to be as close as possible to our clients and their business partners, the firm operates throughout Poland and with Pontes member firm in Central Eastern Europe, and in cooperation with international law firms in other jurisdictions.

We work regularly with specialists from other fields, including tax advisers, technical advisers and financial analysts, in order to arrive at optimum legal and business solutions for our clients.

 We make every effort to ensure that all members of our team, both internally and in relation to our clients, conduct themselves in a way that is: 

  • innovative and proactive, 
  • cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary, 
  • like partners – both within the firm and with our clients.